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Bravery in the spotlight at T.E.E.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Mr. Boudjeniba saved the life of a driver on June 17, 2021. As our driver arrived in Lons-le-Saunier, he noticed smoke coming from the engine of a refrigerated semi-trailer.

Seeing that the cabin curtains were closed, Mr Boudjeniba quickly realized that the driver of that truck was unable to react and that if he did nothing, the outcome would be dire.

Mr Boudjeniba therefore unlocked the fifth wheel coupling and entered the cabin so that he could separate the tractor from the semi-trailer. This act of bravery saved a life.

In these photos we can see the extent of the damage and the need for swift action to prevent flames and gases from spreading to the cabin.

Mr. Boudjeniba, 50, who joined our company on March 8, 2021, is already distinguished by his courage and altruism. Congratulated by the police who arrived on the scene, it is up to us today to congratulate him and thank him for his human qualities, qualities which are dear to our company.

Mr. Boudjeniba and the driver whose life he just saved

Mr. Boudjeniba (right) and the driver whose life he just saved (left)


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