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Gender equality index

The gender equality index was created on the 5th of september 2018, for everyone to be free to choose their professionnal future. Thanks to this index, companies can measure the gap between men’s and women’s incomes. Also, they can understand through this index what must be done to reduce injustified differences.

What is this index about ?

The index gives each year a mark out of 100 points, based on 4 to 5 indicators, depending on the size of the company:

- The gap between men’s and women’s incomes (40 points)..

- The gap between men’s and women’s yearly income raises (20 points).

- The gap between men’s and women’s promotions (15 points).

- Income raises when an employee comes back from maternity leave (15 points).

- Women’s places among the biggest incomes of the company (10 points).


On March 1st, TRANS EUROP EXPRESS scored 80 points out of 100:


Gender equality is a serious social matter TRANS EUROP EXPRESS wants to act for. Our company’s score increases each year and shows how relevant our actions are.


Post : Written by Dessislava BERICHON and translated by Audrey DUPUIS


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